Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's better than being able to eat carbs and sugary treats after three weeks of detox? Nothing. But what's the next best thing? A site that lets you design your own shoes, then makes them, then SENDS THEM TO YOU - Shoes of Prey! I can't breathe properly when I think about it. The site is SO simple and the shoes are reasonably priced given that the designer Fanny Adams for Shoes of Prey (similar to Alexa Chung for Madewell - but imaginary). I haven't found a flaw in this yet but it's not too good to be true, it's just really really good. The gallery on site is like chocolate to a fat kid - so evil but so delicious...

L to R: Violet hair and shiny purple snake skin flats by Julie K., $250; Minnie by Bec M., $390; black white and orange snake skin flats by Lenor D., $250; stamped black patent leather gladiator heels by Mike K,$390.

And there isn't any harm in 'taking inspiration' from (read 'copying') the top designers, and don't be fooled by the low heels in the model shoe, you can pick a heel up to 4.5 inches high...

Alexander McQueen Python Peep Toe Pumps £892.76; Shoes of Prey brown black and gold snake skin pumps, $325 NZD.

Oscar De La Renta Peep Toe Pumps, £562.50; Shoes of Prey pink and silver leather peep toe pumps, $350 NZD

 Top Shop Lauren strappy platform sandal, £60. Shoes of prey gladiator pumps, $350 NZD.

And if celeb stalking is more your thing then just take what you see and go for it...

Mary-Kate Olsen; Shoes of prey gladiator pumps, $350 NZD.

Or if you have invested in that lusty dress from Maximillia then you obviously need the perfect wedges to go with it...

Karla Spetic Lux dress $630 AUD; Shoes of Prey suede wedges $325 AUD

If you have a spare five minutes that you don't mind turning into four hours then this is your site - beautiful , creative, easy to use, and genius (NZ currency and amazing returns policy for example). My one tip would be to check the materials you are choosing against their gallery pics. The gallery images give you a much better idea of how that fabric (snake skin, fish skin, hair, suede) will look in reality.

I'm holding out for an ankle boots section. Yum.

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