Monday, March 7, 2011


BUY ONLINE: Whywho 'Quirky Cut Out' boots | Urban Outfitters 'Lulu' chair | Kikki K 'Kraft' filer and pencil | Topshop 'Waterfall' calf skirt | Country Road 'Flinders' check bath towel | Urban Outfitters 'Industrial Age wooden' side chair |  Iko Iko 'Eco Cup' | Asos tailored pleat front culotte | Visual Etiquette 'The Big Labowski' print | Karen Walker 'Rover' sunglasses | Workroom DS tripod lamp.


What.... the.... ! Why did no one tell me The Selby was in New Zealand last week? Given that my invite to his little soiree up at The Department Store in Auckland must have got lost in the mail I'll have to suffice with some of my favourite Selby images of late...

Actually if you, like me, also think your invite may have been lost in the mail I strongly advise Google imaging The Selby for a one stop inspiration shop. Bliss.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Major fun time frenzy happening right now...

Heaven - just booked my tickets for the Warren Miller film that's coming to the Embassy next next Sunday. YEOW! Got to looking at his site and am so excited for wintry bliss now - not rainy, windy Wellington styles but crisp, frozen, powdery, mulled-winey mountain styles. Wanaka trip - locked in. Epic movie - locked in. Photos from Warren Miller site - excitment-frenzy.

(In my head I am imagining that NZ looks like this in winter - then in my head I am laughing really hard at how wrong I am. Sigh)

Also along the lines of old snowy face is my friends new site - check it out. Loving the tweet stalking on the right hand side as well....creepy stalker (me) - it's my specialty.

oh and p.s. Sex and the City last night. Also Epic. Went in expecting nothing in terms of story line and everything in terms of extravagance and rediculousness that is off the hook and I wasn't let down. Pre-show macaroons? Nice touch. Entire row of drunk forty year olds in front of us? Fab. The girlfriends who dragged their boyfriends? a) shame on you b) he is probably gay.

oh and p.p.s checked out the 'Sexy Bitches' exhibition at Manky Chops last night. A must see - Sexy Bitches indeed! I bought boyfriend one a week or so ago so will post a pic when it's all framed up.

Long weekend is my friend.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I'm not a huge fan of thick, all covering, mask-like foundation so for years now have had a crush on Revlons' Skinlights Face Illuminator. Depsite it being the "BEST...ILLUMINATOR...EVER" made (quoting the Grazia article where I made this discovery) it stopped being made at all a couple of years ago. Since then I have only managed to find it in a small el cheapo beauty store (selling the likes of $3 eyeshadow) at the mall in Lower Hutt but even their supplies have dried up - as has my last bottle. After settling on a less than ideal back up plan from the Body Shop I was so excited to discover that they have re-launched my fav! It's been re-named Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator and I have to say I'm not a huge fan of the new, supermarket-friendly, packaging. From this...

to this...

...or the fact that it now has 'Age Defying' splashed across the front.But 'spa'? Yes please! And I AM intrigued by the fact it now has a brush attached for application. Bring on pay day - I'm buying up a ten year supply just incase.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


From The Inspired Collection, this piece (The Embassador) is part of their Awards Collection. I can't even poinpoint what part I love the most - the matte gold? The crest? The tough leather stiching and stud detailing or the wax seal/stamp on the tag? The rest of their standard pieces are equally as smokin and sit on the site next to a sketch of whatever it was that inspired that ring. Want it? TICK!


Wowza - was just introduced to this by a workmate and I'm loving it. Janelles (we're on a first name basis) dance moves can only be described as squiggly and some how she pulls of manly attire throughout the whole video without looking even a tince manly -  I'd look more like a killer whale I think. Watch it!