Monday, March 7, 2011


BUY ONLINE: Whywho 'Quirky Cut Out' boots | Urban Outfitters 'Lulu' chair | Kikki K 'Kraft' filer and pencil | Topshop 'Waterfall' calf skirt | Country Road 'Flinders' check bath towel | Urban Outfitters 'Industrial Age wooden' side chair |  Iko Iko 'Eco Cup' | Asos tailored pleat front culotte | Visual Etiquette 'The Big Labowski' print | Karen Walker 'Rover' sunglasses | Workroom DS tripod lamp.


What.... the.... ! Why did no one tell me The Selby was in New Zealand last week? Given that my invite to his little soiree up at The Department Store in Auckland must have got lost in the mail I'll have to suffice with some of my favourite Selby images of late...

Actually if you, like me, also think your invite may have been lost in the mail I strongly advise Google imaging The Selby for a one stop inspiration shop. Bliss.