Thursday, June 3, 2010


Major fun time frenzy happening right now...

Heaven - just booked my tickets for the Warren Miller film that's coming to the Embassy next next Sunday. YEOW! Got to looking at his site and am so excited for wintry bliss now - not rainy, windy Wellington styles but crisp, frozen, powdery, mulled-winey mountain styles. Wanaka trip - locked in. Epic movie - locked in. Photos from Warren Miller site - excitment-frenzy.

(In my head I am imagining that NZ looks like this in winter - then in my head I am laughing really hard at how wrong I am. Sigh)

Also along the lines of old snowy face is my friends new site - check it out. Loving the tweet stalking on the right hand side as well....creepy stalker (me) - it's my specialty.

oh and p.s. Sex and the City last night. Also Epic. Went in expecting nothing in terms of story line and everything in terms of extravagance and rediculousness that is off the hook and I wasn't let down. Pre-show macaroons? Nice touch. Entire row of drunk forty year olds in front of us? Fab. The girlfriends who dragged their boyfriends? a) shame on you b) he is probably gay.

oh and p.p.s checked out the 'Sexy Bitches' exhibition at Manky Chops last night. A must see - Sexy Bitches indeed! I bought boyfriend one a week or so ago so will post a pic when it's all framed up.

Long weekend is my friend.

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